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✨ Welcome we’re excited you’re here and want to contribute. ✨

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This project and its community follows this Code of Conduct to ensure that our online spaces are enjoyable, inclusive, and productive for all contributors.

Getting started (contributing to this site)

Setting your local environment

To get started with the codebase, take the following steps:

  1. Clone the repository, from your terminal:

    git clone
  2. Install needed dependencies

    We recommend using Python 3.8 to build the project as it is the version we are currently using to deploy the site.

    # Install nox
    pip install nox --user
  3. Build and serve the site locally with nox

    nox --session live_docs

    Running this command will install jupyter-book in a virtual environment and build the output in docs/_build. Runnign this command will use sphinx-autobuild to build the documentation site and start watching for changes in docs/. It will also start a server at http://localhost:8000/.

🎉 Once you have your server up and running you can head to on your web browser of choice and get started.

To stop the server you will need to type Ctrl + C on your terminal.